Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Welcome to Work from home Ireland
Like so many people in Ireland in the last few years,i myself fell foul to the recession and was made redundant..luckily i still work part time, but naturally i could always do with some source of extra income.
 With the time i have had off i have spent a huge amount of time on the Internet researching and looking for jobs and opportunities especially working from home.
Well as you are probably aware, the web is absolutely awash with such "opportunities" of which an awful lot are complete hogwash, and there always seems to be a fee or a " special one off discount" to get started.Obviously give these scams a wide berth.Never at any time should you have to pay a fee to get a job or do online work.
There are however, many different ways you can earn some extra income online, in a safe and legit manner,from freelance work,data entry,affiliate schemes to paid online surveys.
In the coming posts i hope to give you some useful information on the different types of opportunities out there that will help you earn some extra income by working from home.
I will add that i do not make a living from online work but i do get regular payments from a few different sites to my pay-pal account as well as Amazon and Tesco vouchers,and if you pardon the pun "every little helps" .sorry.



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